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About Monica



Couples and Families

School Aged Children & Teens

Removing Mental Blocks to Wellness

Goal Setting and Action Plan



Fostering Hope

Recovering Creativity

Guided Visualization

Deep Relaxation

My Approach
My clients tell me they prefer my approach and it is different than their previous therapists. They have described that in our work I am "actively engaged, responsive, and solution-focused." I am not going to sit back in my chair your entire session with only "Ummm, ah, I see, tell me more..." I spend a lot of time outside of our sessions thinking about you, searching for a pivotal question, a piece of information, or an intervention that may shift your perspective on the problem and open space for resolution and growth.
I am very focused on being of service and supporting you in finding your state of wellbeing that persists no matter the circumstances of your life. Together we will find your inner calm, relaxed, and in control state, that allows you to access your clarity, creativity, and inner strength... and how to re-find it when life gets the better of you for a moment.
I would like to explore with you what feeds your soul, nourishes your confidence, kindles your creative passions, and heals your wounds. Then make a plan and define the steps it will take to manifest the life you want to be living.
My Story


In 2015, I earned a Masters in Psychology/Marriage and Family Counseling from Phillips Graduate University, one of the most respected institutions the field. In 2017, I added Certification as a Hypnotherapist to assist clients for whom traditional talk therapy did not produce the results they desired.


Previously, I taught grades Pre-K to college and owned an art school, The Artists' Space. I have worked with children for over 20 years. Before teaching I worked in Animation, beginning as a Production Assistant earning my way to Producer.


I currently hold a Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy and Mindfulness, a teaching credential in English, Art and Social Science, a Masters in Theater with an emphasis in playwrighting, and a triple major Bachelors in English, Art, and Theater. Along the way, I owned a computer graphics company, was employed as a publicist, had writing and artwork published, a couple gallery shows, sold some art, saw performances of plays I wrote, rescued many dogs and cats, and traveled internationally.


The uniting theme throughout my journey has been to better understand why people do what they do. I love learning and continue to increase my skills to help others.


As we continue to learn and grow I hope you will allow me to join you for a time on your journey.

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